Saw the doc today and had my stitches removed. I also got an explanation of what they did, since the doctor told Liana but she couldn't remember enough to relay it to me.

I had bone spurs both on top and below the scapula joint. On the acromion, the ones below were the major cause of the impingement. I also had a tear of the labrum, the ligament that helps to hold and cushion the humerus in the socket.

So yeah...they did a bunch of stuff, including attaching an anchor into the bone and sewing the ligament back on. Ick!!

I'm to remain in the sling for at least 3 weeks with no using of my left arm at all. I can only take the sling off to shower and if I need to lift my arm for anything (like washing my armpit!), someone needs to help me. I do need help doing that because I *can't*'s not that it hurts, I am literally unable to do so.

Oy. I wonder what the hell I did to myself to tear up my shoulder. And it hurts like a sonovabitch.

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{{{Jax}}} I hope the healing is fast and complete.

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So empathetic - I tore 2 of 3 ligaments that attach my right collarbone to my shoulder a few years ago - they can't fix that, so I have a permanently floating collarbone - the functional stuff has worked itself out, except for the fact that I can't keep a bra strap up on that side for love or money - really annoying! But it was an absolute nightmare to learn how to move and do work with that shoulder, so I kind of have a glimmer of what you're going through. Hang in there!


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