Will and I are starting Weight Watchers tomorrow. Both of us are in some serious need of revamping our diets and lifestyle. While I cook pretty healthy to begin with, I do need some help in portion control and learning different ways of preparing foods that are tasty and filling but not as fattening.

Oh yeah, and need to exercise. I know this. I beat myself up over my lack of exercise and yet the Fibro often keeps me from doing it and then the shoulder surgery. The surgery literally stuck me in bed for a few weeks because I couldn't find a comfortable way to sit down anywhere else.

As part of our dedication to making this work, Will bought a new scale. One of those newfangled digital things with the BMI measurements, water percentage, etc. The digital readout wasn't working, so Liana exchanged it for us and we used our old analog scale to at least start WW online. When the new working scale came in, we re-weighed ourselves.

Old scale: 190 lbs
New scale: 201 lbs.


Sure, it was in the afternoon but still. I AM 200 LBS!

It's damned depressing. I knew I'd put some weight on, but holy shit. My target weight is 140 lbs, which is a good place for me to be and I believe I can maintain that. Meanwhile, I get 29 points per day.

I'm gonna starve. I'm going to do my best to get more active, as much as I can. Even walking the dogs adds points to your tally. So I plan on doing a decent walk around the complex each morning instead of just taking them out to potty. Little steps.

And this shoulder needs to get better so I can get back to yoga and the classes I was taking at the Y. I'm impatient and think I can do something and end up hurting myself. Stupid, I know. But, the good news is the PT told me that the pain in my bicep muscle is normal and due to the tightening of the stitches, which means the main surgery is healing.

Damn. This sucks. But, I WILL do it.
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