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2026-05-21 04:15 pm

Friends only

I need some privacy. Not all my thoughts and life worries need to be out there in the ether, for any random stranger to read. So this journal is now friends-only. If you read and are not my friend already, post here for access. Tell me who you are, how you know me, etc.
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2017-04-15 11:47 am

(no subject) many people migrated from LJ and found their way here? I've had my LJ backing up to DW since...I don't remember when and I can't remember the last time I posted to LJ so when I agreed to their changed TOS and deleted my LJ I was like, "Welp, there goes that."

Hi. *waves* I'll probably still never post here. But who knows. Maybe it's time to start acting like an adult again and get off the Book of Faces?
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2012-01-17 03:38 pm
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Ego bruised, but I'm the better for it

Yesterday I received an email from one of the directors of the rescue for which I volunteer. I was told that people perceive me a lot differently than I thought they did. In a nutshell, I either come across as condescending or I over-share, making people uncomfortable. While at first I was very upset and hurt, a days time has given me a little more perspective on the issue. I also spoke with a couple of people, including a native Alabamian and it's really given me a lot to think about.

I knew when we moved to Alabama that there would be a bit of culture shock, for both of us. I thought I'd handle it better than Will, since I've lived in the south before. I thought I "spoke Southern" because I easily slip into the accent, know most of the slang and am pretty darn friendly in the first place. Apparently, I don't speak southern at all.

Many of you know me or have at least met me in person. Those of you that haven't met me in person have at least interacted with me online for a good amount of years. You're used to how I talk/write. In thinking over all this, I've come to the conclusion that there has been a serious culture clash between me and many of the folks I've interacted with on behalf of the rescue.

To Yankees, it's NORMAL to talk over each other in a conversation. There's a fine line between talking-over and rudely interrupting, but we know that line. It's just how we are. I'm sure that if any of my southern friends were to listen to a conversation between me and say, Tracy, they'd probably wonder how we ever manage to get our point across. Add to that my natural speech cadence. I don't have a Noo Yawk accent; never have. Even when I slip into a southern drawl, the rhythm of my speech is very different. Heck, ask my NY friends and they'll tell you I don't sound like them either. I was raised in an European household. My mother was Brasilian; English was her second language (one of five she spoke). My father was born in California but raised all over the world, and spent most of his formative years in Swiss boarding schools. He also spoke multiple languages. So, the English I learned at home was "proper" -- the kind of English that non-native speakers speak. Diction, proper grammar, a rather extensive vocabulary, etc. This is NORMAL to me and I don't change it unless I'm speaking to a child that hasn't learned many words yet, or to someone that doesn't speak much English. (Or my dogs LOL) I don't make any assumption about another party I'm speaking with. To change how I speak because I assume the other party won't understand -- to me, that's talking to people like they're stupid. But, apparently I come across like one of those "blue-state elitists" that were in the news during the last election. Add to that my occasional brain fog, where I forget even the simplest of words and I'm sure people think I'm trying to talk like a walking dictionary.

Once upon a time, I WAS a walking dictionary, but no longer. However, I digress....

Then there's what Will calls my "lecture mode". I admit that I can get pretty passionate about some topics that interest me or I'm knowledgeable about. I enjoy sharing ideas and having discussions about certain topics. I typically "hold court". I'm aware of this, but thought people WANTED to hear what I was talking about. I'd never realized it was annoying.

Then there's the fact that for many years, my career and pagan outreach work required me to speak and write with a certain degree of professionalism. It becomes ingrained. I certainly don't mean to come across as brusque or rude, but my writing is meant to be concise and to the point. I don't bother with a lot of idle chit-chat when I write an email or letter (unless I'm ACTUALLY CHATTING). When I'm in a position where I have to interact with the public on behalf of an organization, I do so in a courteous and professional manner. I never considered that this could be taken any other way.

My Alabamian friend told me that she thinks it's culture clash. That more than likely, people perceive me as looking down on them when I'm just being myself. I guess I'm just another one of those "damned Yankees" who thinks she's better than everyone else.

It's not the truth; but the perception is there. And enough people were put off by it that I've been asked to step back from some of the things I was doing for the rescue.

And...I'm OK with that. It hurt at first, I won't deny that. But I also know that I'm a good and decent person that doesn't judge others based on how they dress, speak, write or anything else like that. I judge them based on their actions. However, others DO judge people on those very things, and I don't want the rescue to be damaged because of my personality quirks. So, I'm stepping back from certain operations but keeping up with others. Maybe those same personality quirks can be put to good use: in doing things that require a less casual mode of communication.

I'm posting this publicly so feel free to chime in. My ego can take it. But, know that I never meant to offend anyone. Now that it's been brought to my attention, I can try and be more aware of it. I doubt I'll be changing all that much; after all, it's taken me 43 years to be who I am and I kind of like me. I will, however, do my best to be more aware of it.
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2011-10-30 12:45 pm
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Falling off, and getting back on again

Both Will and I have fallen off the wagon, both diet and exercise wise. Not enough to gain a lot of weight, we're both still staying put or yo-yoing up and down a pound or two.

But, we start back this week. All over again. No more binges, no more doing nothing. Our Halloween festivities are over, so there won 't be any more late night Waffle House runs. I refuse to undo all the good work I've done by being irresponsible and weak.

I'll be bottle feeding newborn puppies for a couple of days, so won't be going to the gym until the next person takes over on Tuesday, but I can at least do some stuff here. Pain is not an excuse. Neither is fatigue. I will be at least doing some yoga, since I also asked to become part of the Burning Desire Fire Theater and need to get stronger and more limber so I can perform.

Maybe all I needed was a goal; besides just losing weight. I'm fitting into smaller clothes and want to get more toned, stronger and shapely by DragonCon 2012. Since I'm planning to make a Steampunk Borg costume, I have to able to fit into something rather form-fitting.

Oh yes, it is going to happen.

Anyway, here are our costumes from Friday night, where the theme was 80's Zombie Prom. I was undead Madonna. LOL

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2011-08-28 04:41 pm
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The latest state of the Jax

I post my gratitude project mostly on FB, but this one deserves a bit more than a short bit.

Yesterday, I was grateful to be associated with a group of responsible pit bull owners. Will and I attended a meet up for Bully Lovers in Birmingham. There were 16 Pit Bulls at Railroad Park plus all their owners and children, including a 3 month old puppy that was OMG so cute!! With it's squishy face and squeeee!! She was adorable!!

We were watched like a hawk by the park officials -- we were all gathered under the main pavilion where we shared food and drink, pibble dribble and talked. Next to us was a group of teenage girls -- a church group or community group (they were wearing the same t-shirts), and many were cooing over the dogs. Joker was his usual affable self -- friendly and more than happy to let anyone pet him. As usual, I had to warn people that he licks like crazy and will jump up to get you in the face. Most people bent down to his level as I tried to keep him from jumping. Richard, one of the board members for Bama Bully Rescue did exactly as I do: make Joker sit and THEN pet him, taking his hand away if Joker jumped and waiting until he sat quietly. Joker did well, occasionally losing his control over himself but mostly behaved well and didn't go too crazy with his Tongue of Doom™. Harley was her usual self as well, friendly but reserved. We had our pictures taken as well.

The part I'm mostly grateful for is being part of this group. Showing people what RESPONSIBLE Pit Bull ownership is like. A big bunch of well-behaved and managed dogs, socializing with other dogs, people and children with no incidents or problems. We left before the rest of the group did, but apparently the group left the area cleaner than when we got there. Apparently, one woman with her kid screamed "DON"T PET THE PIT BULLS!" when her son pet Gunner. When the dog licked him she said "Well I'll be damned! It's a small victory, but a victory nonetheless when communities are still trying to ban these dogs.

Today I am grateful for once again not gaining weight after quitting smoking. I haven't lost any since I quit (11 days so far!) but I'm very happy to be staying pat (for now). I didn't quit because I wanted to -- I quit because I had to in order to heal my ulcer. But, I'm doing well with it, even when the patch falls off. I still have the occasional craving but they're getting fewer and far between and not as intense. The only problem I'm having is a nagging headache. I don't know if it's due to withdrawal, the patch or the weather pattern but this headache just won't stay away. I shall start exercising again, by hook or by crook, DAMN this stupid foot pain. I want to continue to lose weight not be stuck in a plateau. But, at least I haven't gained anything which is what usually happens when you quit smoking. So, yeah I'm grateful.
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2011-08-22 12:10 pm
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Nicotine dreams

Wow, I'd forgotten how WEIRD the dreams are when you wear the nicotine patch overnight. Last night was my first REALLY WEIRD one, and I've remembered enough of it to write it down.

First, I was driving a bus for disabled students. Yes, I was on the short bus. I was apparently a trainee, and I don't quite remember much about the students other than they were more developmentally and emotionally/behaviorally disabled than physically. The rules were pretty weird...I recall my trainer taking a pair of "non-sanctioned" glasses from a boy and breaking them. There was another boy, quite fabulous, who had three different colored pairs of glasses on his head and before the trainer could grab them, I asked the boy to give them to me for safe keeping and I'd return them on the trip home after school. The kids cheered for the new NICE driver.

Then, the brakes on the bus didn't work very well, so I was careening down a curved hill, trying not to hit anything including the police car that had pulled over another driver.

Then, I got lost (why the trainer didn't direct me, I'll never know.)

When we finally got to the school, it was as large as a college campus, but the grounds were more like red clay or dirt in a western-style movie. We finally got to the right building to let the kids off and I went searching for the office to check in. That's when things changed and I had my dogs with me, although Harley was more of a small breed dog (but still very much herself).

They both got off their leashes and Joker went over to a boxer. A possible fight was going to break out, but I called him over and he came without incident. I had to run around to corral Harley (which is what happens in real life). Then, I finally had them both in hand and was faced with two people with very colorful birds (more like Dr. Seuss birds than real-life) that the dogs were fascinated with. Again, no incidents and I guess I finally found my way because that's all I remember.
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2011-08-01 11:32 am
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Gratitude Project 2011: Day 1

It's that time of year again. Once again I nod to [personal profile] estaratshirai who started this. The Gratitude Project runs from Lammas to Mabon and you find something to be grateful for each day between those Sabbats. No repeats - you can be grateful for your spouse/kids/job/friends, but the reason for the gratitude needs to be different for each entry. Join the Gratitude Revolution! ;-)

Today I am grateful to Will for getting me started on Weight Watchers. I've lost 25 lbs so far and have 25 to go until my first goal; 35 to the weight I'd LOVE to be but won't cry if I don't make it. Now, if my body would just cooperate and let me exercise without pain.
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2011-06-30 10:30 am
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Midsummer musings

First, the mundane stuff. )

So, that's all the mundane stuff. Long trips are often eventful in some way, but this one was a bit more adventure than I like.

And now, the magical stuff )

All in all, a wonderful time spent with good friends that I don't get to see but once a year. I'm truly honored to have been a part of it. Thank you, Irene, Tom, Rebecca and all the other organizers. You made my year. :)
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2011-06-14 03:24 pm

My garden is not a happy garden

The extreme heat is taking it's toll on my little garden. It's a container garden, which is harder to maintain than a conventional garden but I've been diligent in watering the plants either early in the morning or late evening so the sun doesn't burn the plants.

The only plants that are still thriving is the patio tomato, the jalapenos and the oregano. The bell peppers are holding on, as is the Stevia, but everything else is dying. There's no way I can salvage the cucumber -- it's dead. The roma tomato isn't doing well, I had to cut down the basil and hope it can recover and my green beans are hanging on by a thread.

This is sad. Last year, it rained so much most of the plants drowned. Yes, I have drainage holes in the pots and also use perlite or small pebbles to allow for more drainage. This year, they're wilting from the heat and there's no where I can put them to make it better. When it's 97° in the shade, it's just a bad summer. And it's not even really summer yet.

*sigh* Guess I'll have to shop the farmer's markets again for enough produce to make pickles and such.
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2011-05-18 08:04 am
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An auspicious announcement

I was talking with an old friend last week about the LI Beltane festival, and how this years event was an utter flop. She was thinking about taking over the organization of the event and wanted to bring it back to it's former glory. I offered to help as much as I could from a distance, and may even end up going back to do the ritual if need be.

Today is Joe's birthday, he'd have been 59 today. The announcement came this morning that Melissa is taking over the event planning.

Coincidence? Serendipity? I don't know nor care. What I DO care about is that the event that consumed our lives for 10 years and spawned a bunch of groups, events and gave the impetus to the NYC Pagan Pride Project to get started is going to continue.

I surprised myself my crying bittersweet but happy tears. I miss my Joe. He was my best friend as well as magical partner. He propped me up when I was weak, applauded my successes, and (sometimes begrudgingly) helped me achieve what I wanted to achieve. I can still hear him sigh, "Yes, My Lady" when I thought up some new crazy scheme to add to the event. I miss going to the museums with him, listening to him lecture on art or spirituality. I miss his chuckle. I even miss the way he'd put his arms over his head and look up to the sky as if for inspiration before he started to speak on something. I used to HATE that; it seemed to me, in my immature state of mind, that he was being condescending or patronizing. But now that I'm older, more experienced and hopefully, wiser, I see that he was seeking a way to express his thoughts. And what usually came out of him was educational, inspirational and profound. Occasionally profane. Sometimes, both. Now when I think of him, that's the position I see him in.

And how I miss it. I've lost plenty of people to death, including my mother. But Joe is the one I ALWAYS miss. I talk to him all the time. Sometimes, he answers. Sometimes, I can even feel him massaging my neck in the way that only he could.

So today is a happy, but sad occasion for me. I can't express how happy I am that the Beltane event is going to continue and that the people taking it over want to bring back what made it special in the first place: it was the PEOPLE, the COMMUNITY that made it great. It wasn't the "Joe and Jackie show" as much as it may have seemed from the outside. Sure, we were the most visible but we were merely the instruments of the Gods. The Gods have not forsaken the LI pagan community. They've just been waiting for someone to take up the mantle.

I can't express how happy this makes me. And sad that Joe isn't here to experience this new rebirth. Not in the flesh, anyway. I'm pretty darned sure that he will be poking and prodding Melissa as he's done to me in the past. So be warned, Mel! If a crazy idea occurs to you, and then you hear in the back of your head, "Sigh, yes, my lady", that's Joe telling you he approves.

Happy Birthday my dear friend. You are loved and missed.
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2011-05-09 04:05 pm
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Absolutely LIVID!!

THIS IS A REPOST OF WHAT I POSTED ELSEWHERE. If anyone can help, knows someone who can help, please do. This all came to light last night, and people are scrambling to find out the truth, and what we can do about it.

I am involved with dog rescue here in Alabama. Many of the different rescues, shelters and other organizations are frantically trying to reunite pets lost from the tornadoes with their families. The usual time restrictions in shelters have been lifted in order to allow families to get themselves together and come get their pet. We’ve been transporting shelter animals (those who were there prior to the storms) to other rescues in other states to make room for all the displaced pets.

And now it comes to light that the SPCA of CT has taken a bunch of animals from Alabama, without going through the proper channels. None of the rescue organizations were involved with this. It was in the news:

Notice, they don’t say that these animals were already in shelters. Maybe some of them were already homeless, but in all probability, they were someone’s beloved pet.

So now, of course, there is a shitstorm going on to find out WHERE they got these dogs and WHO they belong to.

What right do these people have to take our dogs? Why didn’t they just take the homeless dogs already in shelters so we can make room for the tornado victims? I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt that they thought they were doing the right thing, but now anyone who tries to get in contact with them is deleted off their Facebook page; hung up upon; no replies.

Yeah. I’m angry. If I’d lost my dogs through in a disaster only to find they were across the country, I’d sue the pants off them. The same thing happened after hurricane Katrina, and the owners sued and won.

And even more disturbing news.

If you're so inclined, spread the word. This has to STOP
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2011-05-07 08:02 pm
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Holy shit, I'm fat

Will and I are starting Weight Watchers tomorrow. Both of us are in some serious need of revamping our diets and lifestyle. While I cook pretty healthy to begin with, I do need some help in portion control and learning different ways of preparing foods that are tasty and filling but not as fattening.

Oh yeah, and need to exercise. I know this. I beat myself up over my lack of exercise and yet the Fibro often keeps me from doing it and then the shoulder surgery. The surgery literally stuck me in bed for a few weeks because I couldn't find a comfortable way to sit down anywhere else.

As part of our dedication to making this work, Will bought a new scale. One of those newfangled digital things with the BMI measurements, water percentage, etc. The digital readout wasn't working, so Liana exchanged it for us and we used our old analog scale to at least start WW online. When the new working scale came in, we re-weighed ourselves.

Old scale: 190 lbs
New scale: 201 lbs.


Sure, it was in the afternoon but still. I AM 200 LBS!

It's damned depressing. I knew I'd put some weight on, but holy shit. My target weight is 140 lbs, which is a good place for me to be and I believe I can maintain that. Meanwhile, I get 29 points per day.

I'm gonna starve. I'm going to do my best to get more active, as much as I can. Even walking the dogs adds points to your tally. So I plan on doing a decent walk around the complex each morning instead of just taking them out to potty. Little steps.

And this shoulder needs to get better so I can get back to yoga and the classes I was taking at the Y. I'm impatient and think I can do something and end up hurting myself. Stupid, I know. But, the good news is the PT told me that the pain in my bicep muscle is normal and due to the tightening of the stitches, which means the main surgery is healing.

Damn. This sucks. But, I WILL do it.
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2011-05-01 04:48 pm

People can really suck

So many animals abused, neglected, killed. I know that there are thousands upon thousands of animals put through hell every year, but for some reason, pit bulls have it worse. People just seem to think that they can do anything to them, and it won't matter.

But it does. I was involved in a transport today of one of the pit bulls rescued from a rescue.

Read that again: Rescued from a RESCUE. A place that was supposed to be a sanctuary, a place to care for abused and unwanted dogs, but instead was another place of abuse and neglect. Here's the story:

This is sweet Heidi:

This poor girl is depressed, and beyond shy. People scare her. She won't take food or water from them, and doesn't even look at you in your face. I don't know her back story, whether she just whelped pups or is currently pregnant. Liana and I drove down to Montgomery to pick her up from another couple of got her out of Dothan. We brought her up here to Birmingham to meet with another rescuer who was taking her somewhere in N. Alabama. When we got her into the van, she just curled up on the seat and laid there. No interaction whatsoever. The first transport leg also had a few hundred pounds of food, litter, blankets and water to bring up to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society for the tornado victims so we loaded that into the van as well.

Since we were running very early, we decided to go the HS and drop off the donations before meeting Heidi's next transport leg. After we had it all unloaded, I took Heidi out of the van to stretch her legs for a bit. I learned quite a bit more about her in the hour we had her with us, waiting to meet the next person.

She's dog friendly, and extremely patient with puppies. The HS has walkers that take the puppies out for on leash walks and each one came up to Heidi to greet her and that was the first time I saw her tail wag. She tolerated puppies jumping on her, nipping her face and even licked them back. There were people coming and going with donations for the tornado effort, and lots of them stopped to talk to her and pet her. Within ONE HOUR, she went from having her tail between her legs and refusing to interact with people, to sniffing their hands and even taking an occasional look at their faces. For a dog that is so mistrustful of people to do that is a giant leap forward. I just kept petting her and talking to her, letting her walk where she wanted and check out her surroundings.

Seriously. All it took was an hour of love and comfort for her to break out of her shell a bit.

What kind of monster does that to a dog? What happened to her to make her so afraid of people? Pit bulls are people dogs...they LOVE people, which is why it's so easy to get them to fight. This poor girl has sores on her feet from standing in her own filth, standing on chain link with no blanket or pad. Her teeth are bad, she's heartworm positive and either pregnant or been bred so often her teats will never recede.

If I had the room, I'd have taken her myself. She responded to me and looked to me for support and comfort and I only had the dog with me for a few hours.

People are monsters. No wonder I love my dogs so much -- they'd never do something like that to me.

I'm just glad that Heidi is going to a good foster home with people who know how to help her get healthy, physically and mentally. I hope a nice family takes her in and shows her what it's liked to be loved.

Now, I need to go snuggle with my dogs.
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2011-04-14 04:56 pm
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Yes, I WILL be begging all of you daily to vote for me. This is really important to me, as it may just be the beginning of an audiobook career I've wanted for a long time.

So please, if you've not voted yet, vote. If you already have, thank you. You can vote once per day and if you've already registered you don't need to do so again.

This is my submission:

If you sign in and lose your place (as more entries are added, the further back I get), just do a search for "Jac" and I'll come up.

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it, more than you know.
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2011-04-13 04:49 pm

An EEP and an OW!

I entered a contest to be a featured reader of the audiobook version of Neil Gaiman's American Gods. Unfortunately, the first round is to be decided by the public, ala American Idol. So, I have to compete against people who probably have a zillion friends on FB and such.

But I really want this. I've always wanted to do voice over work and audio book work. So, dear friends, I'm begging. Vote for me, please. I'm so anxious about this...

You do have to register, but once you do, it's done. You can vote once per day. And I'll be begging daily. I never do this kind of "Vote for me" crap, but I REALLY REALLY want this. Plus, I get to go to NYC to do it...HOME!!


On the "OW" front: My shoulder is KILLING me today. It was feeling all right yesterday but today it is screaming. I didn't do anything to it that I know of, but wowsa. I'm on enough pain medicines to knock out a horse and they're barely touching the pain. Bleh.
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2011-04-09 05:02 pm

I'm back

I keep forgetting I have this, and what with the DDoS over at LJ I'm going to make a point on blogging here. Don't fret, I have it set to crosspost to LJ and have just imported everything over here.

But, now that I've done this, I really don't have must to say. Shoulder is healing slowly, I'm still bored and trapped at home...ssdd.

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2011-03-29 04:36 pm

I'd shrug my shoulders...if I could

Saw the doc today and had my stitches removed. I also got an explanation of what they did, since the doctor told Liana but she couldn't remember enough to relay it to me.

I had bone spurs both on top and below the scapula joint. On the acromion, the ones below were the major cause of the impingement. I also had a tear of the labrum, the ligament that helps to hold and cushion the humerus in the socket.

So yeah...they did a bunch of stuff, including attaching an anchor into the bone and sewing the ligament back on. Ick!!

I'm to remain in the sling for at least 3 weeks with no using of my left arm at all. I can only take the sling off to shower and if I need to lift my arm for anything (like washing my armpit!), someone needs to help me. I do need help doing that because I *can't*'s not that it hurts, I am literally unable to do so.

Oy. I wonder what the hell I did to myself to tear up my shoulder. And it hurts like a sonovabitch.
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2011-03-23 05:17 pm

Back from surgery

So, there was a tear. Shoulder has been scraped and cleaned and repaired. I am in a sling for a while. It hurts like hell. Have some sort of medication pump which Liana gets to remove on Fri. Still slightly out if it from anesthesia. Typing one handed. Hope to recover quickly.

That is all. Thanks for all the good wishes.
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2011-02-08 04:12 pm
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Chugging along

I got new glasses, which solved my vision problems. I have a sleep study tomorrow, which will hopefully get me the help I need to solve my narcolepsy problem. Baby steps, as always.

I don't know whether the physical therapy is helping my shoulder or if it's the steroids my doctor prescribed, but it feels good today. We'll see how it goes after the steroids wear off. If I'm still having pain and problems, I'll be having surgery to correct the impingement. I REALLY hope I can avoid that.

I'm also trying to figure out things I can be doing with myself. I have a few touch ups to do on the backdrop I painted for Will's studio, and now I'm cruising around looking for props. He wants a good Victorian chair, but those are hard to come by in our price range. I keep looking though, scouring Craigslist and checking out thrift stores. I also want to start sewing again, making costumes. I scored a crinoline at a thrift shop that was going out of business for $10. SCORE!! I hope to get a machine this weekend; a used one from Craigslist. I guess I'll take a couple of sewing classes to get back into it; it's been a lifetime since I've sewed. But, since Will is kind of getting into the Steampunk thing...someone has to make the outfits because I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to pay big bucks for it. I hope to be able to find some decent ballgowns that I can re-purpose as well. If it's got good bones, I can use it.

Might also take a painting class at some point.

Hopefully, after Liana gets her GED and PT is over, I'll have days where I don't have to run to one place or another. I'll be able to do what I WANT to do. Imagine that. lol
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2011-01-24 06:29 pm
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Tattoo You.

Or me. Yes, tattoo me.

I want to get the third piece of my half-sleeve done for my birthday. I have the phoenix on the back of my shoulder, the yin-yang skulls on the top of the shoulder and need the third piece representing life on the top of my arm.

I'm trying to decide between two pieces: )
What y'all think?