many people migrated from LJ and found their way here? I've had my LJ backing up to DW since...I don't remember when and I can't remember the last time I posted to LJ so when I agreed to their changed TOS and deleted my LJ I was like, "Welp, there goes that."

Hi. *waves* I'll probably still never post here. But who knows. Maybe it's time to start acting like an adult again and get off the Book of Faces?
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hi -- I am here, don't post much, though
Do not play at F-book, or tweet, or whatever the flavor of the month is
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I left LJ following Boobgate and Strikeout, went to GreatestJournal along with a lot of the fanfic communities, and it quickly died an overload death, found my way to InsaneJournal, and a lot of what I post here gets piped over to there still.
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I'm theoretically here. Mostly only ever post when I've been in a fic fest/exchange/thing and want to squee over what someone wrote for me. But maybe this latest shake-up will shift me back over here. I would like to gtfo of the Book of Faces. Whether that would shift my focus to here, Tumblr, or maybe housework (ok, not likely), who knows?
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Ugh, Tumblr is as big a time sink as Facebook. Then there's Instagram and Pinterest. It's a wonder people remember to feed themselves.
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Nice to see you, however briefly it might be!


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