Both Will and I have fallen off the wagon, both diet and exercise wise. Not enough to gain a lot of weight, we're both still staying put or yo-yoing up and down a pound or two.

But, we start back this week. All over again. No more binges, no more doing nothing. Our Halloween festivities are over, so there won 't be any more late night Waffle House runs. I refuse to undo all the good work I've done by being irresponsible and weak.

I'll be bottle feeding newborn puppies for a couple of days, so won't be going to the gym until the next person takes over on Tuesday, but I can at least do some stuff here. Pain is not an excuse. Neither is fatigue. I will be at least doing some yoga, since I also asked to become part of the Burning Desire Fire Theater and need to get stronger and more limber so I can perform.

Maybe all I needed was a goal; besides just losing weight. I'm fitting into smaller clothes and want to get more toned, stronger and shapely by DragonCon 2012. Since I'm planning to make a Steampunk Borg costume, I have to able to fit into something rather form-fitting.

Oh yes, it is going to happen.

Anyway, here are our costumes from Friday night, where the theme was 80's Zombie Prom. I was undead Madonna. LOL

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Love the costumes, well done. My weight is creeping up just a touch, so I'm going to be busting butt to get it down again. A lot of it has to do with being on vacation last week and my eating habits going out the window, as well as little exercise. Hopefully you all will get back on track quickly!


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