So many animals abused, neglected, killed. I know that there are thousands upon thousands of animals put through hell every year, but for some reason, pit bulls have it worse. People just seem to think that they can do anything to them, and it won't matter.

But it does. I was involved in a transport today of one of the pit bulls rescued from a rescue.

Read that again: Rescued from a RESCUE. A place that was supposed to be a sanctuary, a place to care for abused and unwanted dogs, but instead was another place of abuse and neglect. Here's the story:

This is sweet Heidi:

This poor girl is depressed, and beyond shy. People scare her. She won't take food or water from them, and doesn't even look at you in your face. I don't know her back story, whether she just whelped pups or is currently pregnant. Liana and I drove down to Montgomery to pick her up from another couple of got her out of Dothan. We brought her up here to Birmingham to meet with another rescuer who was taking her somewhere in N. Alabama. When we got her into the van, she just curled up on the seat and laid there. No interaction whatsoever. The first transport leg also had a few hundred pounds of food, litter, blankets and water to bring up to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society for the tornado victims so we loaded that into the van as well.

Since we were running very early, we decided to go the HS and drop off the donations before meeting Heidi's next transport leg. After we had it all unloaded, I took Heidi out of the van to stretch her legs for a bit. I learned quite a bit more about her in the hour we had her with us, waiting to meet the next person.

She's dog friendly, and extremely patient with puppies. The HS has walkers that take the puppies out for on leash walks and each one came up to Heidi to greet her and that was the first time I saw her tail wag. She tolerated puppies jumping on her, nipping her face and even licked them back. There were people coming and going with donations for the tornado effort, and lots of them stopped to talk to her and pet her. Within ONE HOUR, she went from having her tail between her legs and refusing to interact with people, to sniffing their hands and even taking an occasional look at their faces. For a dog that is so mistrustful of people to do that is a giant leap forward. I just kept petting her and talking to her, letting her walk where she wanted and check out her surroundings.

Seriously. All it took was an hour of love and comfort for her to break out of her shell a bit.

What kind of monster does that to a dog? What happened to her to make her so afraid of people? Pit bulls are people dogs...they LOVE people, which is why it's so easy to get them to fight. This poor girl has sores on her feet from standing in her own filth, standing on chain link with no blanket or pad. Her teeth are bad, she's heartworm positive and either pregnant or been bred so often her teats will never recede.

If I had the room, I'd have taken her myself. She responded to me and looked to me for support and comfort and I only had the dog with me for a few hours.

People are monsters. No wonder I love my dogs so much -- they'd never do something like that to me.

I'm just glad that Heidi is going to a good foster home with people who know how to help her get healthy, physically and mentally. I hope a nice family takes her in and shows her what it's liked to be loved.

Now, I need to go snuggle with my dogs.


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