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( Aug. 22nd, 2011 12:10 pm)
Wow, I'd forgotten how WEIRD the dreams are when you wear the nicotine patch overnight. Last night was my first REALLY WEIRD one, and I've remembered enough of it to write it down.

First, I was driving a bus for disabled students. Yes, I was on the short bus. I was apparently a trainee, and I don't quite remember much about the students other than they were more developmentally and emotionally/behaviorally disabled than physically. The rules were pretty weird...I recall my trainer taking a pair of "non-sanctioned" glasses from a boy and breaking them. There was another boy, quite fabulous, who had three different colored pairs of glasses on his head and before the trainer could grab them, I asked the boy to give them to me for safe keeping and I'd return them on the trip home after school. The kids cheered for the new NICE driver.

Then, the brakes on the bus didn't work very well, so I was careening down a curved hill, trying not to hit anything including the police car that had pulled over another driver.

Then, I got lost (why the trainer didn't direct me, I'll never know.)

When we finally got to the school, it was as large as a college campus, but the grounds were more like red clay or dirt in a western-style movie. We finally got to the right building to let the kids off and I went searching for the office to check in. That's when things changed and I had my dogs with me, although Harley was more of a small breed dog (but still very much herself).

They both got off their leashes and Joker went over to a boxer. A possible fight was going to break out, but I called him over and he came without incident. I had to run around to corral Harley (which is what happens in real life). Then, I finally had them both in hand and was faced with two people with very colorful birds (more like Dr. Seuss birds than real-life) that the dogs were fascinated with. Again, no incidents and I guess I finally found my way because that's all I remember.
I might have to puke. No, I DO have to puke. There is a Twilight dildo. (NSFW link, obviously).





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