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([personal profile] beltainelady Apr. 9th, 2011 05:02 pm)
I keep forgetting I have this, and what with the DDoS over at LJ I'm going to make a point on blogging here. Don't fret, I have it set to crosspost to LJ and have just imported everything over here.

But, now that I've done this, I really don't have must to say. Shoulder is healing slowly, I'm still bored and trapped at home...ssdd.

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From: [personal profile] moondancer

Hi dere! Nice to see you posting from this side; between deleting my LJ and the DDoS, I've not been able to see anything from LJ for a while.

From: [identity profile]

What's your name on dreamwidth? I'm on there as well, with wild_heart as my username.


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