I got new glasses, which solved my vision problems. I have a sleep study tomorrow, which will hopefully get me the help I need to solve my narcolepsy problem. Baby steps, as always.

I don't know whether the physical therapy is helping my shoulder or if it's the steroids my doctor prescribed, but it feels good today. We'll see how it goes after the steroids wear off. If I'm still having pain and problems, I'll be having surgery to correct the impingement. I REALLY hope I can avoid that.

I'm also trying to figure out things I can be doing with myself. I have a few touch ups to do on the backdrop I painted for Will's studio, and now I'm cruising around looking for props. He wants a good Victorian chair, but those are hard to come by in our price range. I keep looking though, scouring Craigslist and checking out thrift stores. I also want to start sewing again, making costumes. I scored a crinoline at a thrift shop that was going out of business for $10. SCORE!! I hope to get a machine this weekend; a used one from Craigslist. I guess I'll take a couple of sewing classes to get back into it; it's been a lifetime since I've sewed. But, since Will is kind of getting into the Steampunk thing...someone has to make the outfits because I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to pay big bucks for it. I hope to be able to find some decent ballgowns that I can re-purpose as well. If it's got good bones, I can use it.

Might also take a painting class at some point.

Hopefully, after Liana gets her GED and PT is over, I'll have days where I don't have to run to one place or another. I'll be able to do what I WANT to do. Imagine that. lol
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