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( Jan. 24th, 2009 08:55 am)
Last night, our neighbor witnessed Xena getting chased up a tree by what she called "a HUGE coyote". So, at around midnight, Will, Liana and I were alternately calling Xena down, using a ladder to get to her and watching out for the coyote, whose tracks could be seen by the tree.

After finally giving up using the ladder, which would have hurt one of us, I sat on the porch to smoke a cigarette, watched Xena climb down and instead of coming 10 feet to the porch, zoom back into the woods for more adventure.

Stupid fucking cat.
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( Jan. 22nd, 2009 08:03 am)
Xena got out yesterday. Hopefully, she won't stay out as long as she did the last time: FOUR MONTHS.

At least it's warm. And she's smart enough to stay away from all the poisonous critters and coyotes.

I'll try to keep my anxiety under check, since this isn't the first time she's got her feral on.

Damned cat.
Who needs movies? LOL

I had a paper bag from the Olive Garden on the floor for the cats to play with. Pye somehow managed to get the handles wrapped under his hind legs and was trying to run away from the nasty bag, which of course was attached to him. He was in an utter panic, running around the house.

I was finally able to corner him and get it off, and the poor thing was shaking and crying. Actual tears from his eyes, he was so terrified.

In the ensuing chaos, Isabeau moved out of the way, but the hair of her tail got caught in the spring that holds the toy atop the scratching post, so she was trying to run away from THAT. Which, of course, was attached to her.

With shit like this happening in my house, who needs TV?


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