I swear, I don't get a break. My COBRA premium is now 150% because I'm using the disability extension until I qualify for Medicare in October. I pay $541.88 a month, and that's after dropping my dental. I looked into private insurance, but because I have an existing condition, I will be denied. I don't qualify for the COBRA subsidy because I started prior to Sept 1, 2008. I don't qualify for the high risk pool because I have COBRA.

Will and I could get married, but the insurance premium he'd pay is about the same as I'm paying now, plus I'd lose eligibility for Liana's ALLKids program (state health for kids).

So I'm stuck paying out nearly half my monthly disability payment for my health insurance. Amazing how they can get away with it, isn't it? Thank the Gods I have Will, not just because he supports me financially, but because he supports me in all the other important ways as well.

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( Dec. 20th, 2009 10:46 am)
We took him to the vet on Thursday, and his blood work isn't back yet. The vet is thinking a possible tick-borne illness, and thankfully took half the payment and let me defer the other half until I get paid. I have my doubts that it's tick-borne, unless we completely missed seeing a tick on Navarre. With his short-short hair and constant petting, I'd have seen one.

We had to take him to the emergency vet yesterday because he had a seizure. He's been having these weird episodes where he just yelps out for no reason. He's been disoriented and lethargic; then he'll just be sitting or lying...not doing anything and then screams out. I thought it was pain, but other than the yipping, he's not displaying a pain response. Then, when I took him out for a walk -- the big one hit. He went over to one of his regular toileting spots and yipped out. Then, he started screaming and his leg went out from under him, he tried to stand up and then went completely down. He was on the ground, screaming and twitching and then as soon as it started, it ended and he pulled me home. He had a couple of smaller episodes where he just yelps out, and seems like he doesn't know where he is or who we are.

The ER vet isn't sure what to make of it. She said it could be encephalitis or meningitis, or a brain tumor. Dogs Navarre's age don't develop epilepsy unless something is wrong. They wanted to keep him overnight to monitor and see if he had another seizure, but I couldn't see spending the money if it didn't happen. Plus, I used to work with epilepsy patients, so I know how to monitor a seizure (when I'm not panicking and hysterical). So, we got a prescription for antibiotics, just in case, and brought him home. I have my camera set to video so we can record it and show it to the vet. I'll be calling the regular vet on Monday and hope his blood results are in.

Personally, my gut feeling is he has a tumor or something. It's definitely neurological, and it's progressing every day. As often as my gut feelings are right...

We're all stressed, scared and sad. We feel so helpless. Navarre has been healthy and strong his entire life and it's like he's gone from being 6 years old to 16 overnight. I'm trying to be strong, but it's so hard. Navarre and I are so attached, and he's really had an effect on this entire family. Even Will, who grew up with Maltese, adores him and is starting to turn to the "dark side", i.e., pit bull lover.

So right now, we're still in a holding pattern, waiting to hear on the blood results. Next step will probably be X-rays. I'm preparing myself for the worst, but hoping for the best.

This sucks.


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