I'm grateful to Dr. Sawyer for being the great doctor she is. I took Liana in to see her because she's been showing signs of Fibro. The doc tested her and checked her heart, looking for mitral valve prolapse, which has been linked to Fibro and other autonomic/autoimmune disorders. Liana does have MVP (which I also have), and possibly the beginnings of Fibro. She's been put on a light beta blocker for the moment, and we'll be watching the rest.

It's not good news, but I'm grateful for having a doctor that not only believes in and treats Fibro, but also researches and keeps up in all the being done. She's pretty fabulous, especially since she's at least 75 years old. I'm talking a SERIOUSLY little old lady.

In my own health news, it seems this latest flare is starting to let up. After yesterdays struggle with narcoleptic episodes, the allover pain is lessening, now down to my normal screaming spots.


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